Sunday Morning Worship Service

At Great Light Baptist Church, we design our Sunday services to provide every worshipper a variety of biblically based means by which to worship God in spirit and in truth.

Our morning typically begins with a time of intentional fellowship around “coffee and…” where we greet one another as family, catch up on life and enjoy the simple blessings of friendship and belonging. After fellowship and a few announcements, one of our men issues a formal call to worship inviting everyone to actively engage in the day’s prayers, singing, Scripture readings, exaltation of Jesus Christ, preaching, and giving of offerings.

We don’t come to be entertained but, rather, to joyfully and reverently offer our collective praise, worship and obedience to a sovereign and merciful Savior.

Wednesday Evening Services

Our Wednesday services rotate week by week between corporate prayer, men’s Bible study and women’s Bible study. This rotation allows us to meet twice a month to pray together as a body and once a month each for our men’s and women’s Bible studies.

Please see our calendar for this month’s schedule of services.

Prayer Meeting

Every other Wednesday, we come together as a church for a short lesson from our teaching elder and to pray corporately. During this time, we interact on a personal level with our pastor and each other, discuss a portion of Scripture and share different praises and needs for prayer. We believe corporate prayer is vital to our body’s spiritual health and try to spend the majority of this meeting praying for one another, that God would do great things through us and those who partner with us in ministry.

Our Wednesday prayer meetings begin at 7 PM. Please see our calendar for dates.

Men’s Bible Study

The Church today, as ever, stands in great need of mature, godly men. Our church is strongly committed to supporting and encouraging our men to be faithful leaders in their homes, church and local community. With that goal in mind, we spend our time together midweek sharing what each of us has been learning from our personal time in the Word, studying a portion of Scripture (currently 2 Peter 1) and praying for each other’s needs. We also commit to lifting each other up in prayer throughout the month in order to strengthen our accountability to one another.

Please see our monthly calendar for dates and starting times.

Women’s Bible Study

Women possess an enormous potential for positively impacting their homes, churches, places of employment and local communities. Recognizing this, we encourage our women to endeavor to follow the godly pattern established for them by the Apostle Paul in Titus 2. It’s to this end that the women of our church center their Wednesday time together on reading and discussing the Word and encouraging one another through prayer.

The Women’s Bible Study begins at 7 PM. Please see our calendar for dates.